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When you present your business card, you’re doing more than handing over some cheap introduction to your fax number and social media scribblings. You are handing over your shop window, the personification of your company on stationery. Everything you’ve ever worked for, all those late nights, that invoice chasing, busting your balls and putting your house on the line… This is the moment yout get to summarise everything you’ve worked for, this piece of beauty, this, “oh you went to VistaPrint!”

When you choose to have your business cards printed in by us in thermography – it’s a conscious decision to step away from the cheap, mass produced and largely soul-less business marketing that is on offer online. Thermofast produce bespoke print that makes you stop in your tracks, creating the right sort of impression that is retained long after the meeting has ended. Quality speaks volumes in business and that’s why we have carried out thermo printing & hand finished production for thousands of discerning clients over the years, from cabinet ministers to flying doctors.

Printed on either 330gsm or 400gsm Royal Kent ivory board as standard or if you wish choose from our range of Conqueror boards, whatever you choose you can expect a top quality thermographically printed business card made to your size and specification in the colours to match your company stationery. When you receive them they are boxed in clear plastic business card boxes.

Should you also want your letterheads done in thermography we can do matching letterheads in the same paper type and colours as your business cards. All our letterheads are done using our laser proof thermography this is done so that you can safely use your thermographic letterheads in your laser printer and be assured that the thermography will not melt in the high temperatures of a laser printer.

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