Designers Best Friend

Designers love us – they can’t get enough of our raised print invitations, our ability to print on card up to 800gsm thick, the physical feel of thermo printing. The ability to offer their clients something a little different, these double-thickness invitation cards combined with great design and thermo is quite unique and memorable. Most of all though, they love our trade rates and the fast turn-around we offer, which enable us to be the conduit between them and their client.

Thermo Trade printing thermofast

Raised letter printing can add dimension and texture to their printed stationery and folder projects – also known as thermography printing, to elevate the appearance of printed pieces. Sometimes confused with more expensive engraving, thermography is a special printing process with unique advantages. The process of thermography printing involves a powder that is added to the wet ink printed on paper stock. After removing the excess powder, the printed piece is heated and the powder and ink mixture dries to form a raised effect on paper.

Thermography can be combined with other printing processes, such as offset, foil embossing or lithography – all of which we do. It is typically used with one or two standard PMS colours, but is also available with full colour.  Raised printing produces the look and feel of a higher-end engraved product, but at a fraction of the cost.

For pieces that will be used in office printers or copies, like letterheading, we use “laser safe” thermography to ensure that raised ink does not melt under the heat of these devices. Thermofast’s thermography process is a special heat-resistant application designed to withstand the high temperatures of laser printers and copiers without melting, smearing or distorting colour.

As a note to graphic designers – thermography can be used only on one side of the paper. Raised printing shouldn’t be used over a fold or close to the edges of the paper, as the raised ink tends to fracture when folded.

To receive samples from us get in touch or drop us a line to discuss opening a trade account with Thermofast By the way, the relationship’s not just one-sided, we love designers too, we just don’t have the arty beard’s 😀