Everyone loves an invitation – and to create the right setting for your event cards, a gilt edged card with either square or rounded corners printed in thermography raised print marks out the event as something special. Thermo invitations when sent to corporate customers for that special event,let the recipient know you mean business. Wedding invitation or ‘At Home’ cards printed by thermography always stand out and are retained as mantelpiece cards, just because they are so beautiful and tactile.

All our cards are either in white or cream can be supplied with matching envelopes, just give us a call for that special invitation you want to send out, we also do 700gsm special cards which just mark the note out as something special, you can also have blank edging if the metallic is not for you. We can print in up to four different colours, all done in thermography raised print, and hold many stocks of gilt edged cards in various sizes all in a good quality 400gsm board with either square or rounded corners.

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