Thermographic invitations with foil

For that really extra special invitation why not have your invitations printed using thermography, then have an added logo done in Gold or Silver foil or in a coloured foil, we can then duplex your cards to make them extra thick say 800gsm even up to 1200gsm and then have the edges bevelled and gilded with either square or round corners. You will not find an invitation more elaborate than this, and for your extra special day you deserve only the best, something that will really stand out from the crowd! Something people will keep to remember your day. Thermofast can do all of this in house, and also help you with the design of your invitations. We have the most up to date facilities to create your perfect deign, and help you put your ideas quite literally onto paper.

Just give us a call on 01787 880268 or email us at

You will not regret your call after seeing your finished invites!