Thermography – a lost art?


Quality is not an act, it is a habitThermographic printing is something of a lost art  – a practical and cheaper alternative to engraving (copperplate printing) but still versatile enough to let your design ideas be made into a finished, tactile and individual product. We work with many trade designers to produce high-end, bespoke print-work for their clients – and we can work directly with you also!

The standard thermographic personal letterhead standard size is A5 (148mm x 210mm) but we can print any size you require, normally thermographic personal letterheads are in black but we can print in any pantone colour that you wish to have, plus it’s laser printer safe, so you needn’t worry about the laser printer marking your beautiful stationery.

Our standard paper is always a good quality wove or laid paper such as 100 or 120 gsm Conqueror available in many shades and colours, we can obtain and print on any paper that you might require your thermo print on. We do hold a range of papers in stock with matching envelopes or alternatively you can supply your own material for us to print on.

If you wish, we can set up and supply your artwork for you to your specifications for your thermographic (raised) printing or alternatively you can supply artwork in a pdf format, “QuarkXpress” or “In Design” for us to use. See us on Twitter @thermofast for special offers through the new year call us on 01787 880268.