Thermography Printing

Thermography printing is a multi-stage process. First, a printed paper drops off the printing press onto a conveyor. The conveyor moves the sticky ink underneath the thermography powder which is shaken on top of the entire sheet. The powder attaches to the wet ink. The extra powder is then vacuumed up and stored for re-use. Next, the coated sheet passes through an oven with temperatures ranging from 900 to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit.

Laser-safe results in thermography combines a specially formulated powder with an ultraviolet light used to harden or cure the raised stationery so it won’t re-melt. This can take place on an in-line machine or the conveyor of the thermography machine combined with a retrofit unit. This is the most productive and cost effective procedure and produces a smoother finish on fine lines of type, almost resembling genuine copper plate engraving.

What you get is a high quality printed item great to the touch and the eye.