Embossed Printed Business Cards

Embossed printed business cards are extremely popular in the corporate world, the thermographic embossing adds that professional look which every businessman or woman is looking for.

Your embossed business cards can be printed in up to 4 spot colours, so plenty of scope to fulfil your corporate image, or they can be printed double sided having 2 spot colours on both sides.

Our standard material for the embossed business cards is a high quality 350-400gsm board, you don’t really want to print professional business cards on a lighter weight than that otherwise they feel flimsy. We have a choice of white, off white and cream boards, but if you were after an alternative, this is always do-able.

We can also create extra thick business cards, this means after the thermo embossing has been printed, two or three boards are mounted together making the business cards a heavy weight which can be up to 1200gsm.

Also another extra which shows off an embossed printed business card is to have it gilt edged, this can be in gold or silver, and having that foil edging is something a bit special that no-one is going to chuck in the bin without looking twice at.