Thermographic Printing

Thermographic Printing

Thermofast Print Ltd are one of the leading print companies in the UK who produce raised thermographic printing.
Thermography is a raised printing process that leaves a tactile finish to the print with a slight glossy shine.

Thermography printing is produced by a multi-layer process, first the sheet of paper or board is run through our traditional printing press, while the ink is still wet, it is carried through on a conveyer belt to the thermo machine, where powder known as thermo powder is sprinkled onto the sheet, this powder sticks to the wet ink, the excess of unused powder is vacuumed up. Then the sheet carries on through to a heating process where the sheet is exposed to temperatures of 900 to 1300 degrees Fahrenheit. The heat melts the powder combining with the ink, and when it cools it raises up to give the raised printed finish.

Thermography print can be used for most types of stationery as you can see from our many products.

Thermographic business cards give that extra touch of professionalism, they can be printed in your corporate image, they can be printed double sided and even gilt edged if required. We can also continue the raised thermography print throughout your business stationery on products such as letterheads and compliment slips.

Other products that benefit from raised thermography printing are invitations, whether these be wedding invites, corporate invitations or a celebration invite, they all look great with the raised embossed finish to the print.

Finally, our ranges of personal stationery give that extra touch of class when printed in raised thermography, At Home Cards and Correspondence Cards are very popular and what with them finished off with the raised embossed print, they make them a treat to send of to family and friends.

  • Silver thermo printed invitations
  • Black thermo printed birthday invites
  • Black thermo printed birthday invitations
  • Wedding invitations printed in black thermo on gilt edged cards
  • Anniversary invitation printed blue thermo
  • Gold thermo printed invitations on gold gilt edged cards
  • Silver & black thermo invites on silver gilt edged cards
  • Gold & black raised thermo printed invitations on gold gilt edged cards
  • Wedding invitation printed thermography blue
  • Compliment slips printed in black thermo
  • Christening Invitations printed in thermo pink
  • Thermographic Letterhead
  • Selection of thermo printed business cards

Our Thermographic Printed Stationery

thermography black printed invitation

Thermographic Printing

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Business Cards

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Black thermography printed wedding invitations on gold gilt edged cards

Wedding Invitations

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A4 Letterheads printed thermo & litho

Compliment Slips

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At home cards printed in black raised thermo print

At Home Cards

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A6 Correspondence card printed black with black border

Correspondence Cards

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Black thermo printed birthday invitations


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Folded wedding invitation printed thermo blue

Wedding Stationery

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Gilt Edge Cards

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A5 Writing paper

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Black thermo & gold foil printed invitations on gold gilt edged cards

Hot Foiling

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